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the default period (. Copy commits rows to the destination database each time it copies n row batches. Integer Causes archival of the online redo log file group with log sequence number. Note that pagesize only changes the number of lines that SQL*Plus considers to be a page. This enables the performance and resource usage of each script to be monitored by your DBA. Examples Assume the SQL buffer contains the following script: select department_ID from EMP_details_view where salary 12000 To RUN the script, enter RUN 1 select department_ID 2 from EMP_details_view 3 where salary 12000 department_ID rows selected.

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When you enter multiple attribute commands for the same attribute, SQL*Plus applies their clauses collectively. To use a password file to connect to an instance on the current node as a privileged user named HR with the password HR, enter connect HR/ your_password AS sysdba To connect to an instance on the current node as a privileged default user, enter. Usage Each new break command you enter replaces the preceding one. The label prints left justified and truncates to the column width or linesize, whichever is smaller.

Format format Specifies the display format of the column. @connect_identifier Consists of the database link name corresponding to the database where object exists. Eeee.999eeee Displays value in scientific notation (format must contain kysymyksiä online dating tyttö exactly four "E"s). For information on changing the default extension, see the suffix variable of the SET command in this chapter. LNO Shows the current line number (the position in the current page of the display and/or spooled output). A "-" at the end of a remark line is treated as a line continuation character. OFF truncates the selected row; ON allows the selected row to wrap to the next line. Use single"s, and the following format: 'yyyy-MM-DD:HH24:MI:SS' until change Specifies an incomplete, change-based recovery.