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40,000, Younis says. But it is only once in a blue moon they are in touch in the past there have been a few immigration issues we have been asked to provide information over. As Muslim singles in the US know all too well, life only gets busier and more complicated with age. . There is no point in having an image where you just see the eyes. Any time there is a terrorist attack in Europe after the atrocities in London and Manchester this summer for example the site will be bombarded by what Khan calls drunken profiles, hate-filled messages targeted at users on the site, as well as more organised cyber-attacks. Younis was working part-time in a pizza place at the bottom of Westgate, where the traditional uphill Wakefield pub crawl begins of a Saturday night. He was 20 and a design student at Wakefield College in Yorkshire with a passion for. When he suggested he wanted to follow a different path, his mother, he recalls, asked anxiously, you know, if you are not going to marry your cousin, who are you going to marry? They have a growing membership in the US and Canada, the next push is into India and Pakistan. Halal means being wholesome and right in your faith.

It took me a long time using buzzArab, but I finally found my life partner. We've helped thousands of Arab and Muslim singles worldwide find love and someone to share their lives with. Six months later, Younis says, the same auntie invited him back, this time he was offered tea and biscuits: Younis, youve got that machine, there is a brother in the community perhaps you can help? Sure enough, he says, six months later we had this guy married. When people come here they expect it is going to be three Muslim guys in hats, Khan says. Now, he says, he doesnt hear of anyone who is against what they are doing, mainly because, he believes, everyone knows someone the site has helped. Do they imagine that the security services will now be paying them more attention?

In those cases, traditionally the mums or the grannies use the site to do the matchmaking, Khan explains. People would have seen their sister on there. Guys Ive met the one! Immediately after it went live they got their first registration. The rich data that is one result of the companys website has enabled Younis to establish other ventures. Most notable is the humanitarian charity. The Old Bailey heard on Tuesday and Wednesday how Munir Mohammed, a British citizen of Sudanese origin, living in Derby, allegedly enlisted the help of Rowaida El-Hassan, a pharmacy graduate of University College London, for her knowledge of chemicals needed to make an explosive. Penny Appeal, which last year raised nearly 14m, mostly from members of the marriage website, and now operates in disaster relief efforts, from Grenfell Tower to Haiti. People call it halal dating and thats fine. They now have four kids, a daily reminder of the magic of his algorithm. All from anonymous keyboard warriors. Because m is in effect a marriage site rather than a dating site, it also claims a high rate of success.