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address not linked to your PayPal account. Below, you can find out what to do in any of these situations. Important: To list an item on an eBay site that's in a different country from the one where you registered, you may need. 3, käytä PayPal-sisänkirjautumista, niin vältyt taloudellisten tietojesi antamiselta joka kerta. Here's how to fix this. Enimmäkseen maksuton, aina avoin, payPal-tilin avaaminen ja ostaminen käyttämällä PayPalia on maksutonta, ellei siihen liity valuutan muuntoa. If you're creating a new account, use the email address where the payment was sent as your PayPal address.

Sign up for PayPal, it's free. Shop around the world from your computer or on your mobile - all without sharing your financial info with the sellers. PayPal -tilin avaaminen ja ostaminen käyttämällä PayPalia on maksutonta, ellei siihen liity valuutan muuntoa. PayPal -palkkioita ei veloiteta, jos käytät PayPal-tilin saldoa rahan lähettämiseen perheelle ja ystäville ilman valuutan muuntoa.

Payments from an unconfirmed address, if a buyer sends you a payment from an unconfirmed address, you'll need to claim the payment before we deposit it into your PayPal account. If it doesn't, log out of PayPal and click the link in the email once more, then log in again.

Before using this option, please be aware of the following: PayPal currently supports payments in multiple currencies including US dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, and Yen. In the Account Information section, click Email. If a buyer sends you mikä on hyvä online dating nimi a PayPal payment but sends it to an email address that isn't linked to your PayPal account, you have to claim your payment by adding that email address to your account. For a complete list of supported currencies see. Voit olla huoletta, kun tiedät Ostajien turvan olevan saatavilla kelpoisuusvaatimukset täyttäviin ostoihin. If your buyer's currency is supported, PayPal will automatically convert your buyer's payment into US dollars. If you list your item in a currency not supported by PayPal, you can convert the ending price to any PayPal-supported currency and request the payment from your buyer in that amount. Scroll down to the Select how you'll be paid section. Click Go to my account and you'll see the money you've claimed appear in your account. List your item on m in US dollars and select PayPal as an accepted payment option.