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a tour is temporarily removed. Chat sessions are saved by user. Osa teemoista valinta mahdollistaa vapaa dating site aviopareille myös voit luoda boutique verkkokauppasivuilla klubissa. Fixed: Registration/My settings page was access even if it is not ready for use. Auttaa sinua loppuun luoda oman ravintolan, olemme valinneet teille 20 WordPress teemoja ravintola. Changed: name in Registration form is now mondatory. Tiedämme, WordPress on tänän maailman sivuston luomiseen WordPress, ja syystäkin.

Fixed: The function replacing words in places "Was here xx minutes ago" worked incorrectly. All the contents posted here for development testing purpose only. Added: Latest Profiles widget added. Fixed: Some phrases left untranslated. Bootstrap, bootflat, font Awesome jQuery.

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Fixed: Permalink slugs for Profile, Classified, and Tour can be custom. Added: Profile info on Search page can be hidden ilmainen chating dating site and shown with mouse over. WordPress, ylläpitä portfolio sivusto tyyppi on yksinkertainen. Fixed: tabs in Theme Options were hidden because of javascript conflict with other plugins. Fixed: UTF8 encoding support added to Chat, Countries, Private messages, Sessions. Added: Translation added to some fields in Theme Options (Welcome text, Company details). Fixed: Children images did not show on profile page at first load. Fixed: small bugs Version.5 - CSS: break-word rule added to CSS to prevent long words - Fixed: bugs in contact form (plugin/datebook/templates/p) - Fixed: wrong condition set in the function datebook_check_online_status - Moved: all variables moved to a new file /definitions/p - Fixed. Added: default WordPress password change notification can be stopped. Retina Ready, all images are Retina Ready. Fixed: New message notification was recieved even if Sender was on Blacklist. Fixed: filter wp_title did not worked correctly.