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Phillip Campbell, was arrested for DUI, bringing national attention to the already heavily covered case that was streamed live online and featured daily in newspapers, TV reports, and on MJs. The newspaper is listed on the official m page.

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The Capitalist Army is the most popular term for fans of True Capitalist Radio, though they've gone by other names (usually based on the things Ghost calls them,.e. "kawaii in English context when that would not be necessary at all thus ending up looking pretentious. Fans of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann are Spiralists, or sometimes Spiral Warriors. In 1989, they would reach the second round of the playoffs on the strength of Merrill Hoge and Rod Woodson before narrowly missing the playoffs in each of the next two seasons. Coined by Lodi himself) The Dozens and Dozens of Mankind fans. They also have rivalries with other teams that arose from post-season battles in the past, most notably the New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders, Tennessee Titans and Dallas Cowboys.

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